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Payment Plan
Payment Plan
Estimated Fee Breakdown


$210 with Banquet

$160 without Banquet

$80        UniformsX2

$25         Gift

$10          Shirt

$25         Events

$5           Organization Equipment

$15          Administration Fee

$50          Banquet (Optional)

**Additional $50 fee if your child is renting football tackle equipment. 




$385 with Banquet

$335 without Banquet

$110       Uniform

$25        Shoes

$40        Props

$35        Rainy Day Outfit

$50        Gifts

$20        Music       

$10         Shirt

$25         Events

$5          Organization Equipment

$15         Admin Fee

$50         Banquet (Optional)


League Fees/Registration

League Fees and League Registration will be collected directly by MD1 at there is League Fee of $65 that will be collected by the MD1 website and an additional $11 for ID card.

Football Equipment Rental

Due to the rising cost of Football Equipment we are no longer including football equipment in our fees. If you need to RENT football equipment. You will need to get a rental ticket from the Treasurer. Rental Fee is $50, at end of season your rental slip must be endorsed that equipment

has been turned in or your name will go on list that you owe us for un-returned equipment. Your child's name will be reported to MD1 and you will not be able to sign up for any team in MD1 until equipment is returned or value of equipment has been paid.

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