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Meagan Meeks - President

Has been around Mesquite PeeWee Drill since she was born. She grew up on the Vikings up until her 1st year on C Drill and at the age of 12 she started choreographing and teaching. Her mother, Lisa, use to be the Hawks President from the time Meg was in middle school until after she graduated high school in 2006. She has 1 daughter, Madisyn. Meg returned to the Hawks in 2013 as Flag Director when Madisyn was 2 and has held many titles since then. In 2016 we lost her mother and we do lots of traditions in her remembrance. Meg has a passion for these kids like no other, her ability to bond with so many is a quality that is rare. She is the glue to this organization. #LMc4life (Her mothers initials). 


Mike Green - Vice President


Lucretia Wood - Treasurer

Has been with the Hawks since 2014, has two daughters age 14 and 4, Hailey and Hannah. Once joining the Hawks she realized that they could really use her skill of accounting/managing. She received her accounting Bachelors degree in 2012, and she manages ​a 15 acre Storage Facility in Balch Springs and several rental properties. She enjoys volunteering for the Hawks, keeping them on budget and keeping the organization running smoothly. 




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